The name "Joni Richards Bodart" is synonymous with "Booktalks"

What is a BOOKTALK?

It's the most effective way to convince people to read for pleasure!

It is a dramatic introduction to a book, a teaser, a come-on, a commercial for a book that highlights the most exciting parts of it.

It's not a book report or a book review, because it doesn't tell everything about the book or evaluate it.

It's a glimpse into a scene, a character or two, or a plot line that reveals just enough to convince the listener to pick up the book and give it a try.

Librarians and teachers use Booktalks to convince audiences of all ages that reading is fun,
and that books can open up new worlds,
new ideas, and new opportunities!



A great booktalker can convince anyone to read!


Join the thousands worldwide, who with Joni's help, have gotten hooked on the addictive joys of reading for pleasure and recreation.

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"We want to make sure, every school librarian who wants a copy of this, (Radical Reads), has a chance to get it as soon as possible. We are considering having a special section in the professional collection at headquarters including all of Bodart's books"
Elizabeth Wrenn-Estes, Collection Development Supervisor, Denver Public Schools.

"Bodart selects excellent books, and her booktalk synopses are well crafted... Bodart has a lively writing style; her Booktalks really hook the reader... a one-of-a-kind resource."
Diane Masala, Voice of Youth Advocates

"This is a very handy tool for busy teachers and librarians who have little time to compose but want to hook readers with an enticing talk."
Judy S. Richardson, Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy

"Any librarian working with children and teens should find this a useful resource. Experienced booktalkers will find enough inspiration and ideas... to last for an entire year of programming. Inexperienced booktalkers will benefit from the basic booktalking guidelines."     
Caroline Shepard, Journal of Youth Services in Libraries

I think it is excellent work!  Anyone wanting to see a sample of the great Booktalks (and also, discussion questions, book report ideas, etc.) that are available in Joni's book, you can see her booktalk for Breathing Underwater (included in Radical Reads) at Alex Flinn's website.

"I could have listened to Joni give Booktalks forever!   She's a professional and it shows."

"Fabulous instructor with so much knowledge of the subject and great presentation skills."

"She 'spoke' to our LMS(Library Media Services) group at FSU(Florida State University) and it was a real treat. I gleaned so much and am now an avid user of her Booktalks, and I learned about how to create my own with confidence through her teachings."
Cyndi Ashley, Media Specialist, Mandarin HS, Jacksonville, FL

"When is she coming back?"
In-service Workshop, Denver Public Schools

"Joni knows her area! Excellent handouts will help me attempt Booktalks with my students."

"A real treat! I loved talking about books--what's more fun!"

"Joni's excitement about YA literature is what I liked best"

"The booktalking demonstration was... so effective that I am going shopping this afternoon!"
All day booktalking workshop, Gallup-McKinley Schools

Thank you so much for coming here and presenting the 2 workshops. We
had so much positive feedback and your presentations were right on
I thought you would love to see this message I got from a librarian in
the Richmond area!
Fairfax Co. PL, Fairfax VA, 3/31/03

Dear Katie and Co.
Beth Porter, Annie Stowe and I drove up to hear Joni Bodart on Monday from Chesterfield County. Thank you so much for your generosity in opening up her workshops to us outsiders. I learned SO Much by listening to her. My level of enthusiasm about the real reason for sharing books was given a real booster shot. I'm a "quiet" teller - no bells & whistles, and love to hear someone who doesn't use a banana or a hat. In my dreams I'll ever be as good as she is! Wow! She is the perfect conduit from the book to the listener, a goal I've always aspired to...
Thanks again, Janet Baumgardner (Janet)

"Great lady-- very approachable and kind-- really knew her stuff-- gave real life examples from her work."

"Joni is a great teacher who encourages creative expression."
Student course evaluations, Division of Library and Information Science, College of Education, University of Denver

From School Library Journal
An excellent resource examining the "edgy, raw, and relevant" in contemporary YA literature. The entries, arranged alphabetically by title, include bibliographic information, suggested reading and interest levels, and an extensive list of keywords that helps describe each book's content. Other useful features are the brief descriptions of the main characters and the lists of the book's major themes, strengths, awards, and possible controversial elements. Detailed booktalk and discussion tips and ideas, a well-written and informative booktalk, and excerpts from reviews are provided. The volume also includes valuable information regarding censorship, dealing with challenges, and writing a rationale for selecting a particular title as part of the curriculum. Multiple indexes allow for easy access. The 101 selections, dating from 1994 to 2001, offer a balanced depiction of the literature and its authors. This clear and incredibly well-organized source should be a part of every public and school library's collection and will serve both adults and teens.
Kimberly L. Paone, Elizabeth Public Library, NJ
Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

Radical Reads: 101 YA NOVELS ON THE EDGE by Joni Richards Bodart, Scarecrow Press, June 2002
"And then it arrived ...FINALLY! For the past year I've been impatiently waiting to get a look at what Joni Richards Bodart has been putting together. It has been well worth the wait.
Radical Reads
is sure to become a pivotal resource for helping train public librarians and booksellers to put together or maintain their young adult sections, for providing middle school and high school librarians with a handy guide to this selection of amazing books, and for providing teachers with both a source of inspiration for literature circles and the tools for creating a full-blown curriculum centered around any one of these titles.
The in-depth information provided for each of the 101 YA novels includes:Publication info., Reading and Interest levels, Subject areas, Characters, Booktalk (excellent synopsis), Major Themes and Ideas, Book Report Ideas, Booktalk Ideas, Risks, Strengths, Awards, and excerpts from print and online reviews.Joni has made her selections based on their contributions to "Radical form and format," "Radical perspectives," and "Radical boundaries."
It was exciting to see the presence of a number of lesser-known books that I've booktalked over the years, such as BABYLON BOYZ, CRAZY JACK, and THE WHITE HORSE included along with those beloved and better-known titles whose exclusion would have left this great resource lacking.
So--a copy for Reference, but keep it where parents and kids can also get their hands on it.

Radical Reads
will be appreciated by all."
Richie Partington

Read more about Joni: Scarecrow Press

Joni has also started writing reviews for The Romance Reader



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